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Game Development

CCN Studios rapidly develops fully customisable AI Unity games from conception to completion using novel cloud based technologies. CCN Studios also accelerates existing projects from mid development to project completion. This often involves reconstructing source code in order to build the necessary infrastructure to become a CCN Studios Cloud Game. 


Not only does CCN Studios take games from conception to completion, we also build, Monetise, and Store-Release your games on any OS and in all marketplaces around the world. CCN Studios has formed partnerships in China, MEA (Middle east, Africa), Persian gulf, Kuwait, and UAE that gives game exposure to large foreign markets and lucrative monetisation options.


CCN Studios provides a robust array of monetisation options for any game. Choose from fully customised digital store fronts for IAPs, tailored ads, channel partnerships, blockchain ledgers, investor relations, and more.


If a company wants to customise or use select features of an existing game, a unique cloud version of that game can be generated using GROUPS. These Groups are monetized with custom promotions within the game e.g. Ads or graphical post marks on some parts of the game assets.

With CCN Studios Group feature, an input box labeled “Enter Group” is added to he login screen. When a specific group name is inserted, a new version of the game is called from CCN Cloud. Now a company can customise their own CCN Studios Cloud game without it conflicting with our default application in any way. This allows for robust customisation, effortless app management, and a very simple intuitive user experience.

Random Scene Generator

CCN Studios has developed a Random Scene Generator that uses Symbolic and Numeric AI to populate randomly generated landscapes with ever increasing wide variety of assets. CCN Studios has partnered with landscape companies, and other asset designers, to rapidly enrich our random scene generator.

Remote Transport

In conjunction with our Random Scene Generator, CCN Studios provides remote transport capabilities where assets are “Streamed” into game scenes during live gameplay via CCN Studios cloud. Rather than rebuilding any game every time adding new assets or updates, CCN Studios can remotely transport the new assets  into any live game, thus avoiding the need to rebuild. 

Free Form

CCN Studios has developed a no code game-asset generation and customisation option called Natural Language Free form Generative interface.

Player: What if a player wants to customise their own version of your game? The Free Form feature allows a player to type a natural English phrase and change characteristics of the game such as colors, scenes, and objectives. The player also has the option to “save” the game to our cloud play at a later time.

Developer: What if a developer does/can not want to learn C# and master the unity programming environment? The developers can put together their own game with natural English phrases. For instance, “create a racing game where the car smashes boxes to collect coins. Let landscape be a city.”

Video Chat

CCN Studios makes video, audio, and messaging chat rooms available for any and all builds. Play in private live streamed groups with friends, family, and teams. Players have access to communicate with a wide variety of sub cultures in any gaming community, anytime, any place. Use 24/7 video chat rooms to drive ad placement, marketing, data analytics, competitions, and giveaways. 


CCN Studios’ Cloud Games are fun to play and provide the option for players to learn complex concepts that are built into the storyline of the game.  CCN Studios’ games can include educational modules in a range of subjects such as physics, mathematics, life sciences and humanities.

BlockChain Ledger

Crypto games? That is right, CCN Studios provides Blockchain ledgers for crypto based games. Trade customised assets, scenes, and full games. Use CCN Cloud to drop NFTs and coin into live games! Watch players compete and earn their coin in exciting live competitions.